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Intermissus Academy

Aim:   Intermissus Academy formed in 2018 by a group of 10 artists all looking to present their work in context of its own formulation. Fluid like blood  through the  body, searching, feeding and delivering the messages to enable good functioning.  Mission:   Artists in Intermissus creating work are creating work that they need to create. The freedom of being part of this group is that they will be able to continue creating in context of artists making work in a similar vein, and not to row  backwards to seek success and a watered down version of what they create.  Exhibitions: We intend to show in the near future. If you are a gallery or curator that would like to get involved, please contact Angel Deveux-Blanche   Membership: Currently, we have approx. 10 artists, the help of an agent/admin and an art critic - contact us via Instagram Intermissus Academy if you would like to be considered for membership or would like to work with us as gro

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